There’s a lot of confusion regarding Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNP). Why would you want a D-SNP, like My Choice Wisconsin’s Dual Advantage Plan, if you already have Medicare?

Medicare benefits do not change
A common misunderstanding is that a D-SNP will affect the amount of Medicare coverage an individual is already receiving. This is not the case. All D-SNPs have the same coverage as Medicare. A D-SNP is a type of Medicare Advantage plan specifically for people with Medicare and Medicaid. If you’re enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B or are becoming eligible for Medicare, you may choose to have your coverage directly through the government or from a Medicare Advantage plan.

With a Medicare Advantage plan, you’re still a Medicare member. The D-SNP plan becomes the payer of your Medicare benefits. Plus, it gives you access to more benefits than are available through Medicare. A D-SNP has a provider network, so it’s important to check that your providers are covered by the plan you’re interested in joining. A Dual Advantage Medicare advisor can help with this.

You get additional benefits with no additional cost:

  • Monthly Over-the-Counter Allowance—This is a great way for you to save money on items such as cold and flu medicine, vitamins, incontinence products, and even toothpaste and body lotion. With the My Choice Wisconsin Dual Advantage Plan, this benefit is $100 each month, and it rolls over until the end of the year if you don’t use the full benefit each month. This is a potential savings of $1,200 a year.
  • Dental Benefits—Original Medicare generally does not cover dental procedures, even basic procedures, teeth cleanings, and x-rays. With My Choice Wisconsin Medicare Dual Advantage, $2,500 per year in dental benefits can be used for porcelain crowns, dentures, x-rays, oral exams, cleanings, etc. In addition to saving money, this is an important aspect of overall health often overlooked.
  • Vision Benefit—My Choice Wisconsin covers $150 each year for eyeglasses and contacts. This makes eyewear expenses not covered by Medicaid a bit more affordable and allows for upgrades to eyeglass frames and tinting to lenses.

There are even more benefits, including meals after a hospital or facility discharge, medical alert buttons, and installation of home safety devices.

Your services are under one roof
By enrolling in a D-SNP, hospital, medical, and prescription drug costs are all covered in one plan with little or no cost to the members. D-SNPs are designed to help coordinate care.

My Choice Wisconsin includes care coordination as well, assisting with things such as scheduling appointments, finding doctors, and getting the most from your health coverage.

You can learn if you’re eligible by contacting My Choice Wisconsin at (800) 963-0035 (TTY 711) or You may also contact a State Health Insurance Assistance (SHIP) advisor or check the Plan Finder for more plans in your area.

Contributed by My Choice Wisconsin Medicare Dual Advantage, an HMO SNP with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in My Choice Wisconsin Medicare Dual Advantage depends on contract renewal.

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